Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ticking Time Bomb

I do not talk to anyone, about anything, and it is really starting to get to me:

 I'm scared to even start; I do not even know where to start.  I don't trust just anyone, and the idea of talking to anyone in my family about anything makes my stomach hurt.  I have maybe two or three friends I would feel more comfortable talking to, but it's not that easy to be like "Sit down, I have 21 years worth of built up baggage I need to get off of my chest."  As much as I would like to, it just doesn't work like that.  I'm sure if anyone is reading this they are like "Go see a therapist, go seek counseling, BLAH"  My rebuttle to that is that I don't work that way.  I've tried to go to counseling, three different times, and the results of that is me staring at the counselor because I don't feel comfortable talking.  It's not that I don't trust therapists, but hear me out....Therapists do this for a living.  I am no different than any other client that has issues and needs to get them off of their chests.  At the end of the week I do not measure up any differently than anyone else that set foot in that office.  If I am going to dig deep into my bag of feelings and give you insight into my thoughts and feelings, I am going to do that to someone who actually gives a shit and who knows me well enough to give me real advice.  But my problem is that I do not know how to approach that.  I do not want to bring anyone down, but I want to talk to someone so badly.  I always thought I would be ok, I'd have a bad day or let things bother me, put on some music or maybe write about how I feel in my notebook before ripping it out and throwing it away, and then all will be well. LIES.  That is just a temporary solution to a very built up permanent issue.  I am starting to go crazy.  I have never been so emotional in my life.  There are days I don't even want to be here anymore.  And I know life is not that bad and that my head is just in a really bad place right now.  My heart is very big, and I feel everything very deeply.  I have ADD and when something bothers me I CANNOT think straight.  My emotions get in the way, it's like a blockade of normalcy.  Today I just wish I could go for a run for miles and miles and miles and get lost and start a new life.  This may be the weather talking, but I am just so melancholy today :/

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trial Run

I've come to the realization in my 21, almost 22, years of life that there are not a whole lot of people who actually care to hear what you go through, positive or negative.  As I begin to speak, I watch their attention quickly wither away.  They either zone out, are in their own thoughts, or go right to their phone.  I have a lot of thoughts and I like to voice my thoughts, but it is really embarrassing to vocalize thoughts to your friends and realize that they are either not paying attention, or do not care.  Now, I do not actually know if this will ever be read by anyone other than myself, but at least if it does I will know whoever read it cared enough to actually, well you know, read it.